Planet Distances

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What You Need:

  • Receipt paperSolar-system
  • Meter sticks
  • Measurement printout sheets


What Do You Do?

  • Talk about “to scale” distances with the group.
  • Explain how we will use the receipt paper to label the planet distances from the sun (and each other).
  • Give each group of students a pre-cut piece of measuring tape and the distance printout sheet.
  • Each group should start by drawing the Sun at one end of the tape, then measure distances from there with the meter stick, marking each planet on the receipt paper.
  • When finished, each group should have a “to scale” distance of the planets listed on their receipt paper.

What Happened?

This activity helps demonstrate the immense scale of our solar system. The sizes of the planets vary greatly as do the distances between planets and their distance from the Sun.

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