Nikolai F. Rulkov
BioCircuits Institute 
University of California
San Diego
9500 Gilman Drive
La Jolla, CA 92093 

  Phone:   (858) 245-6243 


Curriculum Vitae
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Main topics & Selected publications


Modeling Neuronal Dynamics (collaboration with Bazhenov Research Group):

Large time step discrete-time modeling of sharp wave activity in hippocampal area CA3 (2019)
Simulating human sleep spindle MEG and EEG from ion channel and circuit level dynamics. (2019)
New class of reduced computationally effcient neuronal models for large-scale simulations of brain dynamics. (2018)
Oscillations and synchrony in large-scale models of cortical network.(2008)
Effect of Synaptic Connectivity on Long-Range Synchronization of Fast Cortical Oscillations. (2008)
Role of Network Dynamics in Shaping Spike Timing Reliability. (2005)
Oscillations in Large-Scale Cortical Networks: Map-Based Model. (2004)


Map-based Neuron Models:

Control of sampling rate in map-based models of spiking neurons. (2018)
Quantization of Map-Based Neuronal Model for Embedded Simulations of Neurobiological Networks in Real-Time. (2016)
Controlling a Lamprey-based Robot with an Electronic Nervous System. (2011)
Subthreshold oscillations in a map-based neuron model. (2004)
Origin of Chaos in a Two-Dimensional Map Modeling Spiking-Bursting Neural Activity. (2003)
Modeling of spiking-bursting neural behavior using two-dimensional map. (2002
Regularization of synchronized chaotic bursts. (2001)


Adaptive Data Fusion in Sensor Arrays (with Huerta Group):

Online decorrelation of humidity and temperature in chemical sensors for continuous monitoring. (2016)
On the performance of gas sensor arrays in open sampling systems using Inhibitory Support Vector Machines. (2013)
Optimizing the Operating Temperature for an array of MOX Sensors on an OpenSampling System. (2011)
Information-theoretic optimization of chemical sensors. (2010)
Artifcial Olfactory Brain for Mixture Identifcation, (2009)
Acceleration of chemo-sensory information processing using transient features. (2009)


Communication utilizing Chaotic Signal and Systems:

Spread Spectrum Communication System with Chaotic Frequency Modulation, CHAOS (2005)
Chaotic Free-Space Laser Communication over Turbulent Channel. PRL (2002)
Digital Communication Using Chaotic-Pulse-Position Modulation. IEEE Trans. Circuits Syst.(2001)
Pseudo-Chaotic Time Hopping For UWD Impulse Radio. IEEE Trans. Circuits Syst.(2001)
Synchronization Methods for Communication with Chaos over Band-Limited Channels. (1999)
Chaotic Pulse Position Modulation: A Robust Method of Comminicating with Chaos. (2000)
Threshold synchronization of chaotic relaxation oscillations. (1993)
Synchronous chaotic response of a nonlinear oscillator system as a priciple for the detection of the information component of chaos. (1993)


Synchronization of Chaotic Oscillations:

Detectability of nondifferentiable generalized synchrony. Phys. Rev. E , (2003)
Generalized synchronization of chaos in non-invertible maps. Phys. Rev. E , (2002)
Multi-valued mappings in generalized chaos synchronization. Phys. Rev. E (2001)
Subharmonic destruction of generalized chaos synchronization. Phys. Rev. E (2001)
Images of synchronized chaos:Experiments with circuits, CHAOS (1996)
Generalized synchronization of chaos: The auxiliary system approach. Phys. Rev. E (1996)
Generalized synchronization of chaos in directionally coupled chaotic systems, Phys. Rev. E (1995)
Mutual synchronization of chaotic self-oscillators with dissipative coupling.(1992)
Experimental study of bifurcations on the threshold for stochastic locking.(1989)

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