Lev S. Tsimring
Distinguished Research Scientist
Synthetic Biology Institute
University of California, San Diego
La Jolla, CA 92093-0328
E-mail: ltsimring 'at' ucsd.edu
Tel: (858) 534-0816
Fax: (858) 534-1892
Co-PI  Systems Biodynamics Lab

Curriculum Vitae
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Select publications and Press coverage

         Engineering longevity - design of a synthetic gene oscillator to slow cellular aging [Science 2023]
    UCSD press release, Vice, Medical News Today, SciTechDaily

         Statistical theory of asymmetric damage segregation in clonal cell populations [Math. Biosciences 2023]

         Optimal transcriptional regulation of dynamic bacterial responses to sudden drug exposures [Biophys. J. 2022]

         A programmable fate decision landscape underlies single-cell aging in yeast [Science, 2020].
    CNNScience Daily  InverseMetro World NewsDaily Mail (UK)

         Genetically engineered control of phenotypic structure in microbial colonies [Nature Microbiology, 2020]

         Flower-like patterns in multi-species bacterial colonies [eLife, 2020].    Cool video of the floral pattern growth.
UCSD press release,   Science News,   MSN video,   Sci-news,   Science Alert,   CNet  Mundiario (in Spanish)   National Geographic (in Russian)

         Rock-paper-scissors: Engineered population dynamics increase genetic stability [Science, 2019]
    UCSD press release,  Science Daily,  San Diego Union-Tribune

         Gene conversion facilitates adaptive evolution on rugged fitness landscapes [Genetics, 2017]

         Criticality and adaptivity in enzymatic networks [Biophysical Journal, 2016]

         Accurate information transmission through dynamic biochemical signaling networks [Science, 2014]

         Noise in Biology [Reports on Progress in Physics, 2014]

         Sensing array of radically coupled genetic biopixels [Nature, 2012]. Cool video of the biopixel synchronization

         Entrainment of a population of synthetic genetic oscillators [Science, 2011]

         A synchronized quorum of genetic clocks [Nature, 2010] ; see also UCSD press release

         A robust and tunable synthetic gene oscillator [Nature, 2008]

         Granular patterns [Oxford University Press, 2009]

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